Financial Policy

INSPIRE billing staff is here to assist you with your account and help with any insurance issues you may encounter. INSPIRE will make every effort to keep down the cost of your medical care. Our office and surgical fees are determined by the complexity of the procedure, time involved and the fee that is customary for our area. Services such as Scopes, Hearing tests and Allergy tests involve additional costs. All elective facial plastic procedures require full payment at the time of services.

INSPIRE is committed to providing you with the best possible care. Please ask us any questions you may have regarding our Financial Policy or our professional fees.

Self-Pay Patients

All Self-Pay patients and patients who are present without proof of insurance are required to pay at least $50.00 in cash, check, money order, or credit card at the time of service. Failure to bring your expected payment will result in a reschedule of appointment. This will be applied to any other fees incurred during your care.

Patients with Health Insurance

Please bring your insurance information to every appointment and tell us when there are changes. We contract with many, but not all insurance carriers. We submit claims to all U.S. companies as a courtesy, however if we are not a contracted provider with your insurance company (i.e. out of network), we are not required to comply with their fee schedule.

If your insurance requires pre-authorization or a referral for any services, it is your responsibility to notify us in advance and/or obtain the referral.

Your insurance requires that we collect your designated co-pay at the time of service. Please be prepared to pay the co-pay at each visit. Deductible and co-insurance must be paid within 30 days of insurance processing.

Auto Accident and Assault Victims

We require payment for any services provided by our physicians. All co-payments and deductibles must be paid at the time of service. If you are seeking payment from another party you will be responsible for collecting payment from that party. INSPIRE will not be responsible for recovering funds from another party for your services. Patients will be required to pay the full amount for any services.

Forms of Payment

INSPIRE accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, personal check, money order and cash. You may use our online payment services by clicking on the patient portal.


Services such as in-office procedures and surgeries may have higher fees due to the complexity of care. These services are usually part of your deductible. If your deductible has not been met we will require a deposit prior to the procedure.


INSPIRE reserves the right to treat accounts included in Bankruptcy on a case-by-case basis. Patients may be terminated from INSPIRE which requires the patient and their family to seek medical care elsewhere. Patients allowed to remain in the practice will be designated a “Cash Only” account and will be required to pay for all services at the time of service. Credit will not be extended with the exception of Emergency services.

Worker’s Compensation

INSPIRE provides medical services for work-related injuries. An Accident Report and Authorization form the Employer is required. Patients will not be billed for Authorized Services. INSPIRE will make every effort to ensure that appropriate accident reports and authorizations are obtained for work-related injuries.

Outstanding Balances

INSPIRE reserves the right to utilize a third party collection agency for account balances not settled in a timely manner. Failure to keep your account current may result in dismissal from the practice.


Statements are mailed monthly. Full payment is expected by the date indicated. Accounts with patient balances over 30days old are considered Past Due. We will make reasonable attempts to notify patients when their account has reached a Past Due status. If no payment attempts have been made by the patient the account will be turned to collection and written off as bad debt according to the policy of INSPIRE.