Hearing Aids & Audiology

One in ten Americans have hearing loss. Our providers can perform a complete medical evaluation including comprehensive hearing testing to determine the extent of your hearing problem. A customized solution potentially including medicines, surgery or hearing aids can then be prescribed. INSPIRE is the only clinic in the area able to do this.

50 million Americans have hearing loss in at least one ear, including one out of five teenagers.

Hear Better


  • Difficulty hearing in a crowded room
  • Turning the TV up louder to hear
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Hear better out of one ear
  • Ringing, buzzing, or the sound of crickets in the ears

Available Services

  • Hearing aids
  • Medical and surgical management of hearing problems
  • Infant and child screening
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Evaluation and treatment of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

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